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Frequently Asked Questions

Which category do you fall under?
Our firm was formed in 1972, to provide a broad spectrum of specialized services to a diversified client portfolio and it is a QCR firm.
What are your areas of expertise?
Besides audit and other assurances, our firm is well recognized for other services that include taxation, financial reporting, internal audit, risk assessment and management, compliance management and business advisory that encompasses restructuring. management consultancy, regulatory, corporate finance, business process re-engineering and long term employment benefits advisory services, for details visit our page.
What are your specialized services?
We provide a wide range of specialized services according to the clients, requirements i-e Mergers and Acquisition, Valuation and Due-Diligence among others.
What are code of ethics that regulate your firm?
Our firm strictly follows the principles of integrity(i-e honesty) and objectivity (i-e should be independent), maintains professional competence and due care throughout our services, ensure confidentiality(i-e by appointing different teams on the same clients) and well known for its professional behavior.
How are clients' grievances addressed?
At SZS, we believe in providing quality services and satisfying our clients to its maximum, in doing so we go one step ahead and don’t bill for our services until all issues of clients have been properly addressed, further we maintain our relationship with them even after the project/assignment has been delivered.
What are your training goals?
The firm’s focus is to help trainees in getting multi-dimensional training, experience and to leave our firm as qualified chartered accountants. To attain this we facilitate our trainees to focus on their studies apart from gaining practical experience under the supervision of experts. At SZS, we promote the culture of appreciation and empathy to motivate our employees/trainees to improve their work attitude and ethics.
How is the working environment of your firm?
The firm provides a fair, safe and productive work environment where trainees/employees feel comfortable and motivated.
What are career and growth opportunities?
The firm provides best opportunities to improve the employee’s /trainee’s, adaptability and multitasking skills through its rotation policy, proper guidance and well-planned career path.
When and How to apply?
We invite CVs from trainees/students half yearly (after result) each year and the process is as follows:

  1. Receiving CVs and Shortlisting them.
  2. First interview with HR manager
  3. Second interview with Reporting manager.
  4. Hiring the best suited candidate.

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